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Paintings, Photographs & Videos are under copyright. All rights reserved.

All paintings, photographs and videos are the intellectual property of their owner. No use without consent.  - By MarineHDesign

Medium: Pastel and acrylic
Size: 36’’x 72 ‘ (92cm x 188cm)
Year: 2015  NOT INCLUD 50% to galleryInspiration: This work represents an allegory of my life to the present, where I consider myself to have evolved as an artist, as well as what lies ahead.
The silver sphere at the edge of the work represents the womb of my mother following my birth. The three waves surrounding it symbolize the path I have taken to arrive at my present destiny. The figure is the artist having arrived at the apogee of her existence, as I feel I am now at the high point to date of my creative life. But much still lies ahead. Thus the silhouette floats in a fluid medium, which conducts it inevitably toward the final abyss, which is eternal. Again I invoke the "ring of the way" suggested by the calligraphy of Enzo to represent the unknowable or even unimaginable mystery of the omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent eternal silence of infinite space. And if one is to be happy, as is the goal of every human soul, one must swim with th