Are we going to put our children in Risk?

I am dedicated as an activist artist to inspiring more enlightened and sustainable humanity with the knowledge that everything is interconnected

Westby & Mercier Mercier have created two new bodies of work: Silence’’ It's up to us''. and our favorite recurring topic, “Space Junk”, including sculpture, other visual arts, and immersive media that reflect our goals.  Knowing that a new mindset is required to repair the damage already done, prevent ongoing damage, and to protect the future for all our children. Unfortunately for Earth, we cannot save the planet without global support (your support)

 The climate crisis is not going to end on its own. It’s going to take real, bold action. The world must come together to confront climate change. For my country, the United States, political will can change in accordance our needs. Keep pushing Congress – those 100 senators and the representatives have the chance to decide if and how aggressively the federal government acts in the limited time we have remaining.

 We need to hold our leaders accountable for taking bold action on climate change. We need to demand a healthy, sustainable future so everyone can thrive. Ask Net Zero & Sustainable Solutions.

We as a species need to be more aware of the life around us and realize that our selfish practices are ruining our planet and our sky..

I have always been an "engaged" artist, as well as my associate Lénaïc Gasquet Mercier, we ours driven by the purest of motives. Neither of us are driven by profit.

Our newest collection 2021 ‘’ Silence’’ It's up to us.

"We are not on track to achieve the Paris Agreement’s goal of limiting temperature rise to 1.5°C by the end of the century. In fact, we’re on the opposite track, heading for more than a 3°C rise. As human-caused climate change warms the planet, I am truly apprehensive about Climate scientists have detected warning signs of the collapse of the Gulf Stream, one of the planet’s main potential tipping points. The complexity of the AMOC system and is uncertainty.

           The ice loss has increased rapidly. According to a recent study published in the journal Cryosphere, Earth has lost a staggering 28 trillion tons of ice since the mid-1990s, due to high temperatures in the Arctic, and that the amount of ice melt from  August,3  2021 was enough to cover all of Florida in two inches of water, according to the researchers at Polar Portal.

Greenland has lost 18.4 billion tons of surface mass since last August 1. While not as bad as 2019, Greenland shed roughly 532 billion tons of ice into the sea. During that year, an unexpectedly hot spring caused almost the entire ice sheet's surface to begin melting. Global sea level rose permanently by 1.5 millimeters as a result.

As Greenland's surface continues to thaw, the effect is already clearly visible. We are seeing more extreme events. Heatwaves, drought and flooding and massive heating in the Arctic, coastal cities around the world are vulnerable to storm-surge flooding, especially when extreme weather coincides with high tides. Melting from Greenland is expected to raise global sea level between 2 and 10 centimeters by the end of the century.

While such events are concerning, the science is clear. Meaningful climate targets and action can still limit how much the global sea level will rise this century, reducing the damage done by severe flooding to people and infrastructure around the world. Nature has finally engineered a way to force us past our short-termism and adaptability that is, in many other circumstances a boon.

Most Americans have enjoyed the luxury of seeing climate change as not a local issue. As not their problem. For years, we’ve known climate change was coming, but there is always a gap between knowing and understanding, at least in the same  instinctive way we understand that if we step off the top of a building, bad things will happen. Now, that gap finally seems to be shrinking.

This is the biggest crisis ever, is not going to end on its own. It’s going to take real, bold action. If we deny to control climate change then our future is unsafe.