I think the word "static" should be removed from the dictionary.

All of my work has represented the dynamic nature of our world and our universe, whether animate or inanimate. In fact, that last word also has no place in my artistic lexicon, since even a rock sitting in a barren field is in process of constant, albeit imperceptible transition, as can be confirmed by widely used scientific techniques such as "carbon dating".

In order to understand my highly abstract compositions one must begin with an appreciation of my spiritual foundation, which I express in every aspect of our natural and contrived world.

These range from the simplest peaceful and poetic landscapes to the more complex manifestations expressed, for example, in images ranging from the most minuscule, provided only by the most powerful electron microscope, to the most immense, such as those of the cosmos as captured by the Hubble telescope.

I propose to cover different scales within my artistic approach, from the smallest image possible to the immensity of our universe.

The latter is best exemplified by the conquest of space by man, a complex amalgam of the sublimity of the light and the stars, and the gloom introduced by the destruction caused by human presence and endeavour.