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For years I have dedicated my art to awaken, evoke, stimulate, surprise and sometimes educate, trying to find new ways to share my call to action.

My atworks evoke nature, the beauty and the energy of the universe but also the excesses of humanity and its harmful consequences. I see the world as an interconnected and holistic habitat. In the same way, my imaginary gardens are referencing our daily reality and at the same time looking into the distant future.

The current climate crisis in my art is not a eulogy - it is an encouragement to act with trust in our humanity and its ingenuity to adapt and change for the better. Since then, I've become very motivated to incorporate these themes into my work to educate the public on our planet but also the cosmos and the threat that man-made space debris poses to our skies, and the disappearance of starry nights.

​Mostly dominated with white, and sometimes colored, my creations are now coming to life in 3 dimensions. The Light is always present through the dilution of inks and natural pigments that create mysterious auroras. I also like working with mixed media to reach new dimensions and give life to the fantasies.

My inspirations are so wide that I keep a kind of moodboard made up of different materials, photographs, multiple artworks, music and texts that inspire me and challenge me. I recycle, I collect and I store objects, until these elements find their natural place in a work of art.

My freedom of creation is vital, my process is extremely spontaneous and intuitive. A piece of work, painted or sculpted, usually appears very clearly to me as a vision while I am already in the midst of creating. I have one golden rule in mind: never forbid myself anything, whatever the dream might be. The technical process to realize this project becomes clear in my head during the following night.

Obviously, I sometimes face obstacles, the feasibility is not always crystal clear, but my thirst to learn and work allows me to find the solutions.

Challenge is a friend that supports and motivates me.

Chantal NYC 2.jpg
Now, We Know

NOW, WE KNOW  •  2021

Sculptural rotating suspension work made of wood, rope, plaster, mixed media and PLA plastic

114" x 36"

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