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CW / Westby & Mercier 304 STUDIO
Based in Philadelphia, USA

Tel:  +1 610 613 9619
Instagram:  @chantal_westby_art



"The nature of life on Earth and the search for life elsewhere are two sides of the same question - the search for who we are."

Carl Sagan.

Chantal Westby is a French-American visual artist born in northern France.


From her childhood lived in a very modest and strict environment, she preserved the treasures and emotions of her imaginary escapades nourished by the stories of her late soldier father who served in Indochina and was affected like many by the war, but also by the refinement of the Asian way of life.


Inspired by these dreamlike childhood journeys, she spent her life building, shaping and embellishing her daily environment by using all the resources she could find around her.


Gifted with a strong sensitivity and an innate creativity, she has always known how to brighten her world and that of others. Her spirit, her vivacity, her passion for life, her empathy for others have shaped a unique, complex and complete personality.


Her artistic approach is in perfect harmony with the story of her life. It all starts with an observation, an idea, a questioning. There begins the journey where spirituality, light, mystery and the power of convictions are fused. She uses Art as a language, for which she builds, she embellishes, she suggests, she questions, she expresses.


The richness of every aspect of the universe is her inspiration.

She creates a world made of imagination, intuition and energy while evoking peace and lightness with a touch of reality.


Chantal Westby's life could be divided into two distinct parts, the French and the American one, both separated by an ocean but connected by Art.


Graduated from the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture in Paris, her fashion design career allowed her to express her first artistic emotions through textiles. Refusing codes and limits, she quickly began to recycle and integrate other materials into her creations.


A personal event brutally put an end to her career and her French life. After moving to the United States at the end of the 80's, the expression of her creativity would take shape in the complete interior design of her home, for which she would make it a point of honor to use and reinvent old furniture and objects found at flea markets to give them a second life inspired by the Empire style. This sumptuous decor was published in various interior design magazines.


With this first American work completed and in need of a new artistic expression, she decided to expand her technique and studied art and painting at the PAFA (Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts).

Chantal Westby by Lénaïc G. Mercier

Since then, she has continued to expand her technique through increasingly larger works, integrating new mediums to eventually create true sculptures today. Of all those times and productions, only one of them, inherited from her father's Asian narrations, has remained with her: ink. Pure, diluted, pigmented or dried, it is used in almost all of her creations.


Her history and that of her entourage have led to affinities with tangible creative themes such as global warming, space conquest and the resulting pollution, as well as mystical themes such as the journey of souls or the origin of life, which invite us to question much wider issues.


Since 2017 and her encounter with the French multimedia artist and photographer Lénaïc G. Mercier, they combine their two worlds to create immersive and interactive installations on these themes.


Driven like any human being by her doubts and contradictions, she now devotes a large part of her work to educating and awakening consciousness.


"I feel that the impact of my daily actions, which I try to be as small as possible, versus the reality of the current planet’s situation is a real struggle for me.

The immaculate figurative portrayal of consumerist abundance in my artwork contrasts with reality. Our planet is dying under the burden of humanity's actions and waste.

My work as an artist takes on its full meaning, if I can humbly convince and sensibilize even one person to understand that our earth is being abused and that we must do all in our power to preserve it."


Chantal Westby's artworks have been exhibited in numerous solo and group public art shows in multiple US cities including New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC and in Europe Paris, Cannes, Monaco, Lille, Nantes, Belgique, Suisse and her work has been featured in local, national and international art publications.

Westby’s artistic have earned multiple honors and awards including the 2022 STATE MUSEUM OF PENNSYLVANIA first place Award for the sculpture "Child Of The World".

Active in the community as well, she supports various foundations and NGOs such as From Here to Haiti and Life Project 4 Youth.

She lives and practices in Philadelphia.



2006-2011   Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia - USA

2006-2011   Main Line Art Center, Haverford - USA

1978-1981     BFA, Ecole Supérieure de la Haute Couture, Paris - France

Main Solo Exhibitions


2024  " The Forest" The human Impacts Institute New York , The Creative Climate Awards April 21st to May 20th. In Dumbo at 38 Washington Street, Brooklyn, NY 

 2024  Risky Beauty: Aesthetics and Climate Change  March 28th until May 30  Curated by Cynthia HavesonVeloric  -At the Annenberg Public Policy Center, which is affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania. PA. USA  


2023  Academy Natural Science Philadelphia, October 19th For GreenPhilly   Exhibiting part one “Climate Change” Sculpture Child of the World and

            4 murals sculptures.

2023  Chimera Gallery, from October 6th - October 28th, Curated by Neferteri Strickland; Philadelphia, PA- USA

2023  Sora West Art Fair, September 10, Conshohocken, PA 19428

2023  Risky Beauty: Aesthetics and Climate Change Nurture Nature Center From April 14th to June 26th Curated by Cynthia HavesonVeloric  -  PA. USA

2023  “InLiquid” Glass House + Meddow Philadelphia, Pa, July to August -USA This exhibition is made possible through the support of The Prince Albert II                                         of Monaco Foundation, and The Penn Treaty Special Service District.

2022   "Art of the State", The State Museum of Pennsylvania, from August 2002 to January 2023  - Award first place / Sculpture "Child Of The                                World" - PA - USA

2022   Abington Art Center Pennsylvania, September 16th to October 24th /  Curated by “Westby & Mercier"

2022   “Trenton Museum Society NJ. The 39th Ellarslie Open - USA

2022   “INLiquid” The annual ''New Now ''show, PA.- USA

2019   "Kaleidoscope" and "Akari", Ekko Galerie, Bordeaux - France

2019   "Global Warning", Alliance Française de Philadelphie, Philadelphia - USA

2019   "Incandescent", Delice & Chocolat, Ardmore - USA

2017   "Fiat#Lux - An Immersive Exhibition", Agora Gallery, New York City - USA 

2016   "Akari - À l'Encre de mon Âme", Festival de Cannes - The Four Seasons l'Officiel Art Lounge, Cannes - France

2016    "After the Storm", Ringfeil Gallery, Haverford - USA

2016    "Kaleidoscope", Galerie Beau Soleil Espace Culturel, Monaco - France

2016    "Kaleidoscope", The Boscolo Palace Hotel, Nice - France

2015    Art Show, The Bazemore Galllery, Philadelphia - USA 

2015    "After the Storm", E-Moderne Gallery, Philadelphia - USA  

2015    "Light of Faith", The Bazemore Galllery, Philadelphia - USA

2015    "Akari", Galerie La Véranda Beausoleil, Monaco - France

2014    "Kaleidoscope", Galerie Loïc Vallée, Nantes, France

2013    "After the Storm", Majestic Hotel Festival de Cannes, Cannes - France

2013    “Kaléidoscope", B68 Galerie, Paris - France

2013    "Woman Mystery", PII Gallery, Philadelphia - USA

2012     "Wind And Air’’, Beauty Art Gallery, Newtown Square - USA 

2012    “Light of Faith’’  Galerie des Beaux Arts de la Mairie,Valenciennes - France

2010   "The Apex of Transcendence",  Agora Gallery, New York City - USA

2010    Nostology Gallery, 

2010    Margot & Camille

2009   Art Show, Main Line Art Center, Haverford - USA

Main Group Exhibitions


2021  "Views", Dalian on the Park, Philadelphia - USA

2020  "Agility", Together We Art - Caritative Art Fair to the benefits of LP4Y, New York City - USA

2020  "Invisible Landscapes" , The ARTillerie Group, Bala Cynwyd - Curated by Maria Kraybill, Philadelphia - USA

2017    "Undefined Abstraction", SMSU Art Museum, Minnesota - USA

2016    "Asian Touch" Art Hamptons, Long Island - USA

2015    The Bazemore Galllery, Philadelphia - USA 

2015    Expo Art Monaco, Monaco - France

2014    Salon "Business Art", Espace Pierre Cardin, Paris - France

2014    Emergent Art Fair, Grand Opera House, Washington DC - USA

2014    Art Osaka, Osaka - Japan

2014    The Moon Art, Festival de Cannes, Cannes - France

2014    Art Expo Toronto,  Toronto, Canada

2012    “Kaléidoscope",  Mag Art expo, Galerie SchopArt, Montreux - Suisse

2012     InLiquid Art Design, Pop-Up Gallery, Bryn-Mawr - USA

2012     Art Fair, Grand Opera House, Washington DC - USA

2012    Green Art

2011     Immaculata University Art Show, Malvern - USA

2010    Art Show, Bryn Mawr Trust, Bryn Mawr - USA

2010    Art Show, Merion Art Center, Merion - USA

Special Projects


2019   "Global Warning - An Interactive Exhibition", Alliance Française de Philadelphie, Philadelphia - USA

2019   "Living Art", multimedia concept developed with Lénaïc G. Mercier

2017   "Fiat#Lux - An Immersive Exhibition", Agora Gallery, New York City, USA 

Main Press Releases


2020   La Voix du Nord

2019    Huffington Post France

2018    French Quarter Magazine

2017    The Brooklyn Rail

2016    Monaco Matin and Nice Matin

2015    La Voix du Nord

2014    Presse Océan

2014    Ouest France

2013    France Nord TV,  l’Hebdo

2013    La Voix du Nord
2012    L’Observateur

2012    La Voix du Nord

2012    Art Is Spectrum, The Chelsea perspective

2012    Radio Campus France

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Cine Tele
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Le Monde
Money Matters TV
Money Matters TV
Ouest France
Ouest France
La Voix du Nord
La Voix du Nord
Art is Spectrum
Art is Spectrum



2017    Art E-Book "Fiat#Lux"

2016    Art Book "À l'Encre de mon Âme"

2015    Art Book "Akari"

2014    Art Book "Tryptiques"

TV Appearances


2004 to 2012    "America, America"   -  French-Belgian documentary that explores my emergence as a contemporary painter (6 episodes) 

2012 to 2013      Documentary film for French channel NRJ 12 (3 episodes)

2015    “Money Matters” - Interview “Art as an Investment"

2011     Philadelphia Public Television

2011     Bonnie Squires TV show

2011    “Money Matters”  TV Show

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