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"The nature of life on Earth and the search for life elsewhere are two sides of the same question - the search for who we are."

Carl Sagan.

Chantal Westby is a French – American visual artist, humanist and strong ecologist and activist. 


For years, Chantal employed the use of Chinese ink and mixed media on paper or canvas to create entirely original works of art. Her paintings reflect the accomplishments of a seasoned French artist indebted to the riches of traditional Chinese painting and experimentation with western abstract expressionism.

The 2020 lockdowns caused by the worldwide pandemic motivated Chantal to push her artistic boundaries and find new ways to express her biggest personal fight -  global warming and its impact on our earth's species including, humans. By experimenting with new materials and mediums, Chantal was also moved to create large-scale sculptures which will be included in upcoming installations

Educated and formally trained in design, Chantal creates an intuitive and energetic world of imagination through her artworks.
In order to understand Chantal’s highly abstract compositions, one must begin with an appreciation of her spiritual foundation, which she finds expressed in every aspect of our natural and contrived world. 

"I freely admit to being called an artist obsessed by the topic of climate change, its causes and consequences and the cosmos, we are just beginning to explore but already polluted by human activity.
My fascination about creation and art as a language of communication to express all my passion in contemplation of the world and the celestial vault, and expressing all the fruits of that contemplation on canvas is my attempt to answer those essential questions: "where do we come from, who are we, and where are we going?"

Chantal Westby by Lénaïc G. Mercier

It is our imagination that enables us to endure our lowly, finite status and when that imagination is combined with Chantal’s talents of expression, wonderfully evocative works of art are the result. Perhaps as a tribute to her dual cultural roots, in her work she uses a full pallet of ink colors and natural pigments in combination with gold and silver leaves to produce works that suggest peace and lightness, balanced by the force and heaviness of wood, cement and plaster.


She lives and works in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.



2006-2011   Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia - USA

2006-2011   Main Line Art Center, Haverford - USA

1978-1981     BFA, Ecole Supérieure de la Haute Couture, Paris - France



2019   "Kaleidoscope" and "Akari", Ekko Galerie, Bordeaux - France

2019   "Global Warning", Alliance Française de Philadelphie, Philadelphia - USA

2019   "Incandescent", Delice & Chocolat, Ardmore - USA

2017   "Fiat#Lux - An Immersive Exhibition", Agora Gallery, New York City - USA 

2016   "Akari - À l'Encre de mon Âme", Festival de Cannes - The Four Seasons l'Officiel Art Lounge, Cannes - France

2016    "After the Storm", Ringfeil Gallery, Haverford - USA

2016    "Kaleidoscope", Galerie Beau Soleil Espace Culturel, Monaco - France

2016    "Kaleidoscope", The Boscolo Palace Hotel, Nice - France

2015    Art Show, The Bazemore Galllery, Philadelphia - USA 

2015    "After the Storm", E-Moderne Gallery, Philadelphia - USA  

2015    "Light of Faith", The Bazemore Galllery, Philadelphia - USA

2015    "Akari", Galerie La Véranda Beausoleil, Monaco - France

2014    "Kaleidoscope", Galerie Loïc Vallée, Nantes, France

2013    "After the Storm", Majestic Hotel Festival de Cannes, Cannes - France

2013    “Kaléidoscope", B68 Galerie, Paris - France

2013    "Woman Mystery", PII Gallery, Philadelphia - USA

2012     "Wind And Air’’, Beauty Art Gallery, Newtown Square - USA 

2012    “Light of Faith’’  Galerie des Beaux Arts de la Mairie,Valenciennes - France

2010   "The Apex of Transcendence",  Agora Gallery, New York City - USA

2010    Nostology Gallery, 

2010    Margot & Camille

2009   Art Show, Main Line Art Center, Haverford - USA



2020  "Agility", Together We Art - Caritative Art Fair to the benefits of LP4Y, New York City - USA

2020  "Invisible Landscapes" , The ARTillerie Group, Bala Cynwyd - Curated by Maria Kraybill, Philadelphia - USA

2017    "Undefined Abstraction", SMSU Art Museum, Minnesota - USA

2016    "Asian Touch" Art Hamptons, Long Island - USA

2015    The Bazemore Galllery, Philadelphia - USA 

2015    Expo Art Monaco, Monaco - France

2014    Salon "Business Art", Espace Pierre Cardin, Paris - France

2014    Emergent Art Fair, Grand Opera House, Washington DC - USA

2014    Art Osaka, Osaka - Japan

2014    The Moon Art, Festival de Cannes, Cannes - France

2014    Art Expo Toronto,  Toronto, Canada

2012    “Kaléidoscope",  Mag Art expo, Galerie SchopArt, Montreux - Suisse

2012     InLiquid Art Design, Pop-Up Gallery, Bryn-Mawr - USA

2012     Art Fair, Grand Opera House, Washington DC - USA

2012    Green Art

2011     Immaculata University Art Show, Malvern - USA

2010    Art Show, Bryn Mawr Trust, Bryn Mawr - USA

2010    Art Show, Merion Art Center, Merion - USA



2019   "Global Warning - An Interactive Exhibition", Alliance Française de Philadelphie, Philadelphia - USA

2019   "Living Art", multimedia concept developed with Lénaïc G. Mercier

2017   "Fiat#Lux - An Immersive Exhibition", Agora Gallery, New York City, USA 



2020   La Voix du Nord

2019    Huffington Post France

2018    French Quarter Magazine

2017    The Brooklyn Rail

2016    Monaco Matin and Nice Matin

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2017    Art E-Book "Fiat#Lux"

2016    Art Book "À l'Encre de mon Âme"

2015    Art Book "Akari"

2014    Art Book "Tryptiques"




2004 to 2012    "America, America"   -  French-Belgian documentary that explores my emergence as a contemporary painter (6 episodes) 

2012 to 2013      Documentary film for French channel NRJ 12 (3 episodes)

2015    “Money Matters” - Interview “Art as an Investment"

2011     Philadelphia Public Television

2011     Bonnie Squires TV show

2011    “Money Matters”  TV Show