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"Beyond" is a sequel to the very first show initiated with multimedia artist Lénaïc G. Mercier: "FIAT#LUX",

which has been created for Agora Gallery in New York City in 2017. The project was presenting three disciplines mixing together:

painting, fine art photography and multimedia to illustrate the theme of Creation.

Imagined like a journey, "Beyond" invites the spectator to enter into the very sensitive experience of EMI (Imminent Death Experience).

Contrary to what this subject might suggest, there is no question of dealing with death and the morbid here, but rather with the experience of life, energy and creation.

Each room is the representation of a step evoking the process where every human sense will be engaged.

This immersive exhibition is the real representation of how to use technology and digital to the service of art creation. Digital is not used as a random gadget because it would be trendy, it serves a purpose, it has a true meaning.

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