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Paintings, Photographs & Videos are under copyright. All rights reserved.

All paintings, photographs and videos are the intellectual property of their owner. No use without consent.  - By MarineHDesign

12”X 36 x 3 paintings Gold and Ink / acrylic 
Year: 2015

Inspiration: Not every country on this planet has the luxury of allowing majestic trees to grow to their full height and to live out the natural history of their existence without submitting to the cruel hand of man and to his desire to turn that destiny to his own needs and profit. As elsewhere suggested, this has certainly been the case in Haiti but this is not to say that there is not a great deal of natural beauty in that country and I have attempted to convey some of its charm in this work. The thin, twisted trunks lend an oriental tone to the painting where the viewer is invited to enter into the freshness of mountainous undergrowth, suffused with light filtered through the vegetation, and to imagine the delicious freshness that it provides. A setting that is perhaps degraded (vétusté) by its history but with a limitless future.

Undergrowth no III