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Paintings, Photographs & Videos are under copyright. All rights reserved.

All paintings, photographs and videos are the intellectual property of their owner. No use without consent.  - By MarineHDesign

he common thread was to still soul of the child's, always ready to dream at the sight of multicolored rockets fireworks.
Attack that befell the city of Nice, this sad evening than usual I lingered on the beautiful faces of these children, adolescents
All victims of a terrible attack, that claimed their lives without distinction of age, sex or nationality. They were victims of madness dies of hind - ''. ................
'' On the majestic Promenade des Anglais on the 14 July 2016
The emotion of my feelings experienced. I dedicate to you by these two works here present, language '' summary '' '' naive '' my soul as well as my heart strongly attached to the city of Nice, I want them together for a final tribute and to their relatives.

I was just fascinated, challenged by the clear blue, turquoise, consubstantial color between heaven & Ocean, the Bay of the Angel (2013) gives the blue paints a dreamlike air, a distant and ethereal appearance. Yes maybe in the future you might say she has

Every end is new beginning. 20''X30''