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Paintings, Photographs & Videos are under copyright. All rights reserved.

All paintings, photographs and videos are the intellectual property of their owner. No use without consent.  - By MarineHDesign


 ''COGITO ERGO SUM''from the collection'' AKARI ''- 2014



New 30''x 40"x 2 pigments , acrylic ,ink gold leaf      NOT INCLUD 50% to gallery



Artistic vision ;I think the word "static" should be removed from the dictionary. All of my work has represented the dynamic nature of our world and our universe, whether animate or inanimate. I n fact that last word also has no place in my artistic lexicon, since even a rock sitting in a barren field is in process of constant, albeit imperceptible, transition which can be confirmed by widely used scientific techniques such as "carbon dating". With animate forms, especially human ones, the presence of a certain dynamism is much more obvious and, in fact, its presence largely defines what we choose to call life. With this work and with this series, which I call " Spiritual Transition" I depict what is the most essential and often most imperceptible aspect of the human condition, spiritual renewal and growth. I originally thought of this work as a representation of Purgatory wherein dead souls in transition were being infused with the grace that would eventually guarantee their eternal salvation, but I have come to realize that its meaning is much more universal than that. After all, I have always sought to stress and depict the "life" present in even the most cosmic events, and even the idealization of the "eternal life" promised by every religious system concerns me less than the depiction of our spiritual enrichment and even perfection during our earthly existence. The dynamism of the dancers' poses, combined with that of the "inanimate" components of the composition, the medium in which they float and the border, stresses that highly intimate contact which, for me, is the definition of spiritual growth.