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Paintings, Photographs & Videos are under copyright. All rights reserved.

All paintings, photographs and videos are the intellectual property of their owner. No use without consent.  - By MarineHDesign

Size: 36 x 72’’(92X183cm
Year: 2015
Inspiration: There is an harmonious order that prevails in all of my works and that I have chosen to represent here by the well known Taoist symbol of yin and yang. Just as the forces found in our world have a complementarily expressed by this symbol, here represented by a complexly multicolored seascape and a solitary branch, so too there is a complementarily in the arts, specifically poetry, music and painting.

My Story: I think of this work as a tone poem in which the basic unity of all universal truth is expressed. A viewer of an earlier work of mine found something "Wagnerian" about it. While he may have been referring to the Germanic appearance of the solitary female figure it contains, I prefer to think he heard something musical in it, as I do myself.

Bleu Azural