Video made by Lénaïc Gasquet Mercier

   Art is powerful. It can bring communities together; it can spark protest; ultimately, it can be a catalyst to real, significant change.... Art can provide a sense of something tangible that people can grasp onto – an idea that burns in people's minds and hearts long afterwards – even pertaining to issues that are obscure in space or time.

What is our future 

Knowing is not enough
We must apply. 
Willing is not enough 


Due to the apparent nature of reality and the unavoidability of the future, everything that currently exists and will exist can be categorized as either permanent, meaning that it will exist forever, or temporary, meaning that it will end.


Effets vidéo réalisés par Lénaïc Gasquet Mercier et projetés sur la toile.

Review by Art Critic Mary Ann Caws from The Brooklyn Rail

The project- Global Warming,-After the Storm ,now in E-Moderne Gallerie in Philadelphia, by the paintings of the wonderfully talented Chantal Westby, is one of generosity. We should think of it as golden, for the remarkable luminosity of the paint, of the light, of the vision, comes through metaphorically, as well as materially, as that kind of radiance. The gold of wisdom, and also of sunset and sunrise, as in one of these paintings, where a bare branch stands for so much: for the terrible devastation of, Haiti after the earthquake which set much of the listening and looking world tremble, for the intense (if often fruitful) loneness of one figure in the landscape or skyscape, and for the wood of the forests being cut down for necessary living, after such terribleness.

But those bare branches, that rise of a twig we have to imagine a potential tree, in some future we have to work for, convey, perhaps musically, a hope. The possible recreation of a spiritual, mental universe is visible through the pictured French window, like a door that has to be walked through to be really seen. As if much were to be read backwards, after this devastation, a hope that might not have
been even envisioned before the dreadful event: here are children, in a row, on a bench, ready to learn and then to teach – the wood for the bench grown useful – with one innocent face turning around toward an artistic source, and all of it risen into a fluid skyward medium not necessarily defined in any category, simply there.

The vision offered, of a “fifth dimension,” shines out and in with a beauty somehow transmitted from that of the painter to her work. And such a seeing is enough to bear out the hope, quite like the circle of children and art forming to celebrate the ongoingness of something moving – moving, physically and emotionally: “émouvant” -- toward the good. In the universe and it may be also in ourselves if we learn to look. That is, of course, the golden promise, the “commitment,” as one painting is entitled, and it includes, always, that “azural blue” of the sky. Forever.

Mary Ann Caws, August in New York City,
for Philadelphia, that city of love


Where have you been all the leaders of our World ? What did you do to protect us from the conflict between profit taking and the wellbeing of the planet earth? Like me you must know that capitalism is destroying the planet.


So why hasn't this been reflected in our governmental policy making.


Why  not to make he environment our top priority, the struggle to rein in global carbon emissions and keep our planet from melting .


The need to achieve this goal has been clear for thirty years, and despite earnest efforts we’ve made essentially no progress toward reaching it. Today our efforts to reduce emissions have been undermined by “unacceptable” cutbacks and delays, meaning we face “dire consequences”.


All the evidence is irrefutable and, sadly, we even seem to have underestimated its pace and severity. 


The first condition is that every one of the world’s major polluting countries must immediately institute draconian conservation measures, shut down much of its energy and transportation infrastructure, and completely retool its economy.


There certainly isn't money to be made by the powerful fossil fuel lobby in highlighting such a dire view of climate change…..


We will not change anything through passive support – we must all be active in demanding that leaders know that our eyes are on them, that much more pressure is on them, that they have to do something to come up with some sort of solution. We want a concrete plan, not just nice words.


Please Join any activist movements to demand action on climate breakdown. Don’t forget to reduce your personal carbon footprint – dramatically.


Bring people, friends, family, and anyone who will listen into real action in the fight for our grandchildren's future.

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